As a volunteer photographer for spcaLA we've met many dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even a chinchilla. Once a week we head over to the shelter to take pictures of animals that are either new intakes and don't yet have a picture or retakes of those whose current photo doesn't show so well on the website. 

Taking pictures of new intake animals can be challenging as they are often scared and confused. Our job, in the short amount of time that we have to spend with them, is to try to make them feel relaxed and take a picture that will help show them in a favorable light for those looking at the spcaLA website with a view to adopt.

Not all animals posted are currently available, but for reference, the most recent are at the top of the album and include their names and intake number so that you can look them up. 

Thanks for visiting and thank you for considering adoption :-)

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